My experience as a naive first year

Ishaan Khaperde
3 min readAug 29, 2020


The story starts in 2018, when I enrolled in an engineering college. It might not have a conclusion, but I’ll try my best to make it meaningful.

So, I had very high expectations from my college. I grew up watching various movies which showed college campuses, in India and abroad. I assumed that is how college would be ?

Turns out, my assumption was incorrect. I had assumed it would be a happening campus. No, it was a collection of dead buildings and dead faces, which stared into you and were full of emptiness (probably because they didn’t care about you).

Next up, I assumed atleast, I would find a circle of friends. I mean I got some, I am pretty grateful, but that ‘feel’ always eluded me. I dont know why ?

Not to mention the god-awful canteen, although pretty good in terms of the space it provided, but not too much in terms of ambience and food quality. Ugh, I saw a dog licking one of the plates that served samosas…yuck !

There was various clubs, arts, dance, music, literature, sports etc. etc. Since I was not too good at anything except probably music. I thought it would be a great idea to try for the music club. Next thing I know, I qualified ! I was pretty elated with the thought of being part of a musical extravaganza. But, there were some problems waiting for me (probably a story for another day )

I was exhausted with studying so much (mugging probably :p) that I was pretty lax, when it came to attending classes.They were the same subjects I had in standard 12th, Maths, Electronics, but I didnt study as hard as I used to. I barely managed to get past 75% aggregate in the first semester. I was like, this is what is required mostly in college and didnt care enough, but decided that to improve to atleast 80% in the next semester.

Lastly, I wanted to meet and know everyone from my batch and possibly all seniors (In retrospect, why did I even think of doing something like this ? I honestly would never know…..). I added everyone on social media, thought that I knew them and they know me. NO. Nobody cared. I longed for attention. I used to participate in any activity, even if I had no purpose being there (like being present in the auditions for the fashion show, even though I didnt even audition, and later I found out that the auditions were a fluke, LOL).

It was an awful year. But to sum it all up, I learned a lot of things :-

  1. Be normal. Dont think that it is a major change in your life and you need to change everything in your lifestyle, just because of peer pressure etc.
  2. Dont expect anything. It is a selfish world. Nobody cares. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. But you know what I mean :)
  3. Dont worry about having ‘the right’ friend circle. Be upfront. Be frank. You’ll find good people. Just wait for the right people. Even if they dont turn up, dont worry. Its a big world. College is not for eternity.
  4. Dont repeat my mistakes. Dont think that just because someone talked to you, means they will know you by default.
  5. Focus on what you do best, go sing, go play, go study, don’t fall in the trap of peer pressure (I shall outlay how it cost me dear, in an other blog).
  6. Stay Happy and Stay Fit. Make the most of your time.

Its your life, Make It Large :)



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