My experience as a naive first year

  1. Be normal. Dont think that it is a major change in your life and you need to change everything in your lifestyle, just because of peer pressure etc.
  2. Dont expect anything. It is a selfish world. Nobody cares. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. But you know what I mean :)
  3. Dont worry about having ‘the right’ friend circle. Be upfront. Be frank. You’ll find good people. Just wait for the right people. Even if they dont turn up, dont worry. Its a big world. College is not for eternity.
  4. Dont repeat my mistakes. Dont think that just because someone talked to you, means they will know you by default.
  5. Focus on what you do best, go sing, go play, go study, don’t fall in the trap of peer pressure (I shall outlay how it cost me dear, in an other blog).
  6. Stay Happy and Stay Fit. Make the most of your time.




Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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Ishaan Khaperde

Ishaan Khaperde

Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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