Viewing SMS, Gallery and Notifications & Sharing Links from your Android smartphone on your Windows PC


A lot of us struggle with viewing SMS when the phone is charging or is at a distance, and we require OTP on our laptop/desktop (PC), to do even simple logins, sometimes.

Be it shopping, or logging in to email, or registering into a new website, we require SMS verification, or need to view some notification sent by the website.

Sometimes, our phones are charging at a distance, or are being used by someone else (maybe our siblings or parents) and the list goes on….


Disclaimer: This tool shares your SMS between your Phone & PC, which could be ‘misused’ if either of the devices is in wrong hands. Please be careful. Thats it !

Step 1: Download Your Phone Companion — App from the Android Play Store. Click Here

Step 2: Download Your Phone — App from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. (Still using 7…Why though?… Just Kidding :p) or you could

Try searching within your PC, there is a high chance it is pre-installed already!

Step 3: Login into both apps from a common Microsoft ID (if you don't have one, then create one, it would be beneficial). Click Here to do that.

You can always change, what is being ‘synchronized’ in the ‘Settings’ in the lower left corner of the Windows App on your PC.

Settings on Windows PC

And there are some settings within the Android App also, like:

  1. Changing ‘Accounts’ associated with the app.
  2. Changing ‘Sync over mobile data’.
Settings on Android App

Voila ! Everything else is automatically configured. You might need to verify a few details here and there and give some permissions. But, you are good to go.

Viewing SMS on PC


There is a ‘Continue on PC' option, which means you can click on ‘Share option' while using any android app on your phone, and continue the same link on PC and vice-versa.

And, this app may use lot of Bandwidth (Internet Data) if you choose to sync photos in real-time also, so that’s something which you have to decide upon.

You can simply log out or uninstall the Android App or clear its Data to basically 'Stop Syncing’, just in case you do not wish to use this service.

Simple. Isn’t it ?

If you face any issues while trying to set this up, Feel free to reach out to me: or Social Media




Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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Ishaan Khaperde

Ishaan Khaperde

Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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