What the markings (Classifications) on an SD Card mean and their relation with Data Transfer Speed


Storage (SD*C)

  1. SD — 0 to 2 GB cards
  2. SDHC — 2 to 32 GB cards
  3. SDXC — 32 to 2048 GB (or 2 TB) cards
  4. SDUC — 2048 to 131072 GB (2 to 128 TB) cards

Physical Classification

  1. Normal — for digital cameras etc.
  2. Mini
  3. Micro — for smartphones etc.

Read-Write Speed (C*)

  1. Class-10 — roughly 10–15 MBps (Fastest)
  2. Class-6
  3. Class-4
  4. Class-2
  5. Class-0

Bus Speed (U*)

  1. UHS 3 — upto 624 MBps (Fastest)

Which Classification is the Most Accurate Indicator of Speed?

via Card Reader (Zebronics) — USB2.0
via old iPod -MiniUSB to USB2.0





Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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Ishaan Khaperde

Ishaan Khaperde

Lost in the ravines of space-time 💫

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